KLC Diploma

Neutral Colours

Strictly speaking the only true neutrals are white, pure grey and black. They are referred to as achromatic – meaning “free from, or without, colour”.   The term neutral, however, is commonly used to describe natural colours like cream, beige, taupe, stone and brown. Unlike the achromatic colours these relate back to the colour wheel…

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What is colour?

To see colour, we have to have light. When light shines on an object some colours bounce off and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see the colours that are bounced off or reflected. The sun’s rays contain all of the colours of the rainbow mixed together — this mixture is known as…

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Nothing ventured – Nothing gained

This week I plunged into the STUDENT world again! It’s been more than 20 years since I completed my last Diploma at Dundee College and this time with a complete shift in career, I’ve enrolled at KLC School of Design, London on the Online Diploma in Interior Design Course. The course will take approximately 18 months or so to complete, but…

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