Contemporary Christmas Wreath

If like me you are looking for a contemporary Christmas wreath then why not have a go at making this fun bauble wreath.

The number of baubles will vary according to the size of the wreath you want to make and the size of the baubles you use, but this is what I used:

16 large sized shatterproof baubles

16 medium sized shatterproof baubles

16 small sized shatterproof baubles –  I had a few leftover baubles after decorating my Christmas tree and I bought the rest from a local diy stores, which were reduced to less than half price in the run up to Christmas.

1 wire coat hanger – I used the wire coat hanger that you get from the dry-cleaners.

Hot glue gun

Ribbon for hanging and decoration


Advent Calendar 5


Step 1.

Pull the wire coat hanger into the shape of a circle. If you need assistance with this, try printing out a circle shape and bend the coat hanger to follow the pattern.


Step 2.

Cut any string off the baubles leaving only the metal loop at the top. If any of the baubles aren’t firmly attached   it’s worth putting a dab of glue on to secure them at this stage. It’s much trickier to do this once you’ve assembled the wreath.


Step 3.

Thread the baubles onto the wire. I took it in turns using small, medium, large and I think it worked well, but do what ever pattern you fancy.


Advent Calendar 6


Step 4.

Once all your baubles are threaded onto the wire close the loop by twisting the 2 ends together and finish by tying a bow or tinsel around the join.


I think it makes an attractive contemporary Christmas wreath that you can enjoy for years to come.

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