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I was looking for a nice storage solution for my home office and struggled to find anything that I really liked. I happened to come across this product on a recent visit to Ikea. Although it was a touch drab and uninteresting, I thought that it would do the job nicely.

Ikea Moppe
Ikea Moppe

Ok so everyone has Ikea furniture …..right? Well, why not create something a bit different and have a bit of fun doing so. These easy to follow steps will assist you in making your own bespoke set of drawers that will fit nicely into your home  — come on lets get creative !


Step 1.

Choosing the paint. I wanted a soft feel to my storage so selected these small tester pots from the Dulux Timeless Classic range. You can of-course pick your own colours that fit better with your own colour scheme.

Quintessential Blue

Sophisticated Sage

Pressed Thistle

Up Cycle 3


Step 2.

White wash. I used a bit of left over white paint I had lying around in the garage – 2 parts water to 1 part paint. With a soft brush I painted the outer edges and anywhere that would be seen once the drawers were pulled out.


Up Cycle 2


Step 3.

The Drawers. Using a small foam roller I painted two coats of each colour onto the drawer fronts, obviously letting each coat dry before applying the next coat.


Up Cycle 5



Step 4.

Replace the drawers sit back with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your work 🙂


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